Our Software

Edughana Software stands to solve most of schools management problems. The user interface and experience is designed while keeping the common man in mind. While studying the existing softwares we found that most schools are not using any software (even after paying huge money for other software) due to the difficult user interface. Our aim was to make anyone with basic knowledge in computers to be able to use EduGhana on first login without any instructions. If we can believe the reviews we get everyday, we are successful in achieving this aim.

     User friendliness  Modern Web Technologies

Amazing Features and Functionality

We provide wide range of services which includes installation, support, training, documentation, hosting and customization of EduGhana. The pricing is highly flexible and affordable. You have the freedom to host EduGhana in your server or our server. You have the freedom to install EduGhana on your own and get support from us. You can also get EduGhana customized by us and then take care of the hosting yourself. EduGhana is commitment free. You can cancel our services anytime.