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IT Support and Training.

Technology usage has traditionally been steeped in fear – of the unknown.
In EduGhana, we are empowering businesses to learn IT to create, communicate, collaborate, innovate, execute, compete and win. Our professional development and curriculum model for training students in various institutions are sequential and developmentally-based to reflect students growth in critical thinking, programming language and art-viewing skills over time.

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Our Educational products are for contemporary learning and teaching. We provide modern educational teaching and learning aid tools which includes flip charts, interactive white boards, audio-visual learning tools, digital reading tools and many more.
We are in the business of continious research and development, marketing, distributing and selling a range of curriculum linked products.

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Software As A Service

We’re transforming how our nation does business. EduGhana understands the software business and thus offer applications to streamline critical business operations, connect enterprises to their customers seamlessly in real-time across channels, and adapt to meet rapidly changing requirements.
Our software and technology-enabled business solutions are built with focus on long-term value creation.

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Our focus is to help you stay on top of trends and use the best technology tools to grow your business.

Technology trends around the globe are rapidly evolving,and we have got the expertise and system to help business adapt to such changes.

EduGhana has structured itself to give IT management and support services to schools , businesses and other result-oriented institutions.

Our focus is on changing mindsets to make a better technological world, hence our believe in continuous improvement to satisfy the customer, the consumer and the client.


Our Success

EduGhana has partnered with schools in Ghana to provided not only the best school management system but also given teachers and students in various schools quality training on how to use the internet to access vital information and programming for students. We are spreading our brand through out Ghana to give the best educational support available in Africa and beyond.
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